About Polly's Guardian Angel

Polly's Guardian Angel is the nation's first parent-initiated missing child alert system.

Polly's Guardian Angel is a smartphone app that empowers parents to instantly mobilize friends, neighbors, and other members of the community to help in the search for a missing child.

With Polly's Guardian Angel technology, parents deploy GPS and social networking to sound the alarm and ask for help from nearby app users.

In addition to sending an alert, the parent will have access to the Polly Call Center. Designed by KlaasKids Foundation, the Polly Call Center connects parents to professionals who have been trained to make sure that everything possible is being done to re-connect the parent to their child.

The step-by-step guidance offered to the parent is derived from years of experience from searches around the United States.

Download Polly’s Guardian Angel (Polly’s™ Guardiangel™) today from iTunes or Android’s Play Store.